Cheney: 7 months old

Cheney girl, you are 7 months old today! That means you are officially closer to ONE than birth. Hold me!!
The stats:
Weight: my guess would be a little under 14lbs (aka: tiny)
Height: 26in
Clothes: all 6 month
Diaper: size 2
You are only drinking bottles during the day now! Hooray! I expected that weaning you off that middle of the night bottle would be rough but you did it all on your own. You are drinking bottles every 4 hours during the day & you eat 3 solid meals a day. You really have no interest in pureed foods except applesauce and yogurt. You eat lots of foods like Griffin did. You love raisin bread, mum mums, mandarin oranges, bananas, sweet potatoes, and pretty anything on my plate. You just want whatever we have! You've been working on picking up your own small bites but you have a hard time putting the food in your mouth.
Sleep. Such a fun subject. That is, when you are getting it. Oh, Cheney. Sleeping is not your thing! We will start with your addiction to the Rock 'n Play. You were still waking up throughout the night because you just weren't comfortable in there anymore. Your feet were hanging way off the end and you were smushed. We decided it was time to force you into the crib so we sold the Rock 'n Play. ha! No turning back now!! You have not adapted well to the say the least. You are starting in your crib wearing a sleep sack and usually end up in our bed. I'm desperate for sleep. That's just how it is! You seem to be getting the hang of crib naps, so maybe we are moving in the right direction!
Happenings this month:
-you don't use the baby bath seat at all anymore and sit like a big girl in the tub! You really love splashing in the water!
-You stopped taking your 3rd short nap in the late afternoon.
-So. Much. Sickness. This month you had a stomach virus that lasted 5 days & Hand, Foot, Mouth. We just can't keep the germs away from you!
-You experienced a lot of snow and ice over the last month. 8 full days to be exact!
-you think your brothers are SO funny. They jump around & dance for you and you just laugh and laugh. They love you so much & love entertaining you!
-You are fascinated with Jack. He sits next to you on the couch & you try to pull his hair.
-you are starting to roll more frequently but not in the crib. I think you would like to sleep on your tummy, you just haven't tried it yet.
Cheney, you are the sweetest little girl. I still can't believe you are ours. Your bright blue eyes and gummy smile make me so happy. You bring so much joy to our family! We love you so much, little girl!