ice ice baby

Last week was a doozy.  It all began on Sunday. There was a looming winter weather advisory that was supposed to hit late Sunday night and continue for most of the week. Of course, my normal grocery day is Sunday. If you live in the South, then you will understand that flurries make people go CRAZY.  I knew that grocery shopping would be awful & I was right. The Publix was slammed and the bread aisle was almost bare. I got all of our necessities for the week & we hunkered down for a big winter storm. Ben even bought the boys sleds!
You see, Nashville is in what we call a "snowdome." There will be snow ALL around us but it usually misses us completely. Well, last week was different. Not only were we lucky enough to get snow. But we were also lucky enough to get 3 solid inches of ice!
...and yes. This above picture perfectly sums up how we felt about being STUCK.
We played in the snow on Monday with our sweet teenage neighbors. Emma pulled the boys around in a sled & they shoveled the snow in our yard. It was freezing cold & Cheney was unimpressed. On Tuesday I took the boys out for an hour while Cheney took her morning nap. Again, it was freezing. I think it was 15 degrees out & I was certain that my feet had frostbite. We had a blast sledding down our hill & playing in the snow. I even snuck G out while the littles napped that afternoon and we played together. It was so fun & made me excited about snow days when our kids are older! Remember, this was Tuesday...and the last day that we were able to actually play outside.
It all went downhill after that. The next day our fluffy snow got covered in several inches of ice. Our yard and sidewalks quickly became an ice skating rink. The temperature was about 10 degrees. And on top of that? Cheney got Hand Foot Mouth. Big fat thumbs down. So, we were trapped by the weather and a sick baby.
You guys. I have never felt more crazy in my life. If I learned one thing last week, it's that I am not a homebody. Neither are my boys. We were excited just to bust out & go to the pediatrician!
 This past Saturday the temperatures finally got above freezing & it rained all day. The ice started to melt & we have never been happier.  So, after a full week of snow & ice, we are over winter at this house! Spring is welcome any time!