A Trip to Georgia

Last Thursday I picked up Grayson early from preschool so that we could venture down to Georgia for a long weekend. Ben had to work all weekend so it was just me & my favorite little boys! Road trips with just the boys can always get interesting. I feel like I am constantly handing things to Griffin & trying to keep both of them entertained. Forget cell phones; toddlers are just as distracting! We got to eat dinner with my Papa and Carol on Thursday night & it was so good to see them. I wish we lived closer to my family!

We spent Friday at my Granddaddy's house. It was the first time I have been back since my Grandmother passed away in September. It didn't feel quite the same, but I loved seeing my sweet Granddaddy enjoy some time with my boys. It doesn't happen often enough!
I love watching my own kids have fun in a place that I loved when I was their age. My cousins and I spent so many hours in this basement playing with all of our grandparents treasures. It is a kid's dream basement. There are so many things to explore. Grayson and Griffin had SO much fun with the mowers, tools, & antique toy trucks. They would have stayed all weekend I bet!
It was nice to get away for the weekend & spend time with my family...and let the boys do yard work all weekend:)

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emily said...

Glad y'all had a fun time!