So What! Wednesday

So What Wednesday

I took a little unintentional hiatus from my So What! Wednesday posts, but, have no fear...I'm back! This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • I'm still in a state of post-breastfeeding mourning? Not all the way, but I am still a little sad. I mean, Griffin quit just like that. A little warning would have been nice.
  • I'm still engorged 7 days later? Who cares? Okay, I care. One can only take so much sudafed and smell so much cabbage. Dear Milk, GO AWAY. 
  • my one goal this year is to NOT get pregnant and I am terrible at remembering those little no-baby pills??
  • I have an obsession with using wonton wrappers now? Everything is more fun to eat in cup form! 
  • sometimes I want to buy girl clothes just in case?
  • I've eaten like 27 chocolate covered Oreos since Valentine's Day? Oink. Thanks, Ben.
  • I'm blogging in the midst of a toy room that looks like a bomb went off? 
  • I take a gazillion pictures of my kids & post them on Instagram? I have to post them to print them..plus? They are easy subjects. Also? I find it funny that the people that unfollow me on IG are people I know in real life. ha! 
  • I still have a small Christmas tree sitting in a box in our dining room?
  • I get excited (not sentimental) about packing away baby crap? The high chair AND swing are now in our attic. Hallelujah! 
  • I stress more now about how much Griffin eats than I did when I was nursing? Oy.


Dawn said...

Laura- you're so much fun! :) Hope that your milk will hurry up and go away...so you don't feel bad anymore! I actually attempted jogging the other day (which was a miracle in itself) but was so uncomfortable due to milk engorged lady friends! :/ I think you will have a baby girl before you're done with having babies! :)

Jenna said...

I need to print my IG pictures... What are you gonna use to do it? Also, Before I was pregnant with L, I was always wanting to buy girl clothes "just in case"!! You're not crazy ;)

emily said...

My Jack stopped bf'ing like that too. These boys need to give us more of a notice!!! Since he stopped, I switched to the nuva ring b/c I could not remember to take the pill. At.all.

I'm horrible at printing pictures too! Glad I'm not alone!