You know you're old when...

..furniture REALLY makes you happy!!!

The one room that has been always been completely empty (minus boxes of wedding china) in our new house was our dining room. We had it painted this summer...bought some pictures to hang in there...and it still stayed empty. Ben & I have been to every furniture store around here looking for dining room sets & we came to one conclusion: there is A LOT of ugly furniture in this world! I have been searching Craigslist for quite some time & everything I ask about is already sold. Boo, craigslist. (By the way, who is Craig and why does he have a list?)
Well, I have always wanted a farm style table. I really wanted one for our kitchen but they are just too big. I call them pilgrim tables. I actually found a wholesale store this weekend in Green Hills that sold my beloved farm tables & they were not ridiculously expensive! HOORAY! I went on Monday & bought a table for the dining room, 6 chairs, and a flippin' cute red foyer table. 2 words: in love. Seriously, after lugging the 500lb table inside (and almost dying...) I jumped up and down for joy. Is that sad?
Isn't she so cute?
Table, meet mustard dining room. Dining room, meet pilgrim table.

This was a total fly-by-the-seat-of-Loma's-pants purchase. Once again, love it.
This makes me feel old! But I don't really care. I love the feeling of my home becoming complete:) Happy Hump Day!

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