Sunday Seven

Seven Good Things About My Week
1. I had something to look forward to all week: fall break! I have tomorrow off & Tuesday is just a teacher work day. By mid-October, I need a long weekend!
2. My parents came up on Friday. :) We had a GREAT weekend!! (more on that to come..)
3. It is officially FALL weather! It has been so cold here and I love it. The leaves are starting to change colors & I am busting out all my scarves and sweaters:)
4. I perfected my coffee today. I can cook....but I could never make coffee. Today, I made the perfect cup! I am pleased with myself. Oh, the simple pleasures...
5. I got to see my long lost cousin (who lives in the same city!) and my aunt & uncle last night. Always fun!
6. I started burning fall candles. Yum.
7. I think we have found a dining room set on Craigslist. We are looking at it tomorrow morning...I will keep you posted!

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