I went on a short shopping excursion (seriously, it truly was an excursion through the backwoods of North GA) with the girls that I work with to Georgia! We went to the outlets and then the Mall of Georgia. I have never actually shopped til I dropped...until this trip. We had so much fun! I feel bad for anyone that had to sleep in the hotel room next to us.

Here is the only normal picture I got of the group..chowing down at Provino's--yum!
Johnell hides in a cocoon.

Meet Mary. She as a weird fascination with tiny tents...ya know, the ones they put out for display? This was her dream come true!!
No one on the corner has swagger like Kristy..


It was a fun trip!
I also took my OWN stitches out yesterday! I just couldn't let Ben do it..I was way too nervous. Just call me Dr. Laura!

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Anonymous said...

Laura, I didn't know that you had a BLOG!!! lol Yay! Now I get to follow along!