bloody fantastic!

Warning: These birds are here just to ease you into the next pictures. They are cute & fluffy...the other pics are not. If you don't like blood, seeeee ya! You won't want to read this entry.
Supper Club with the girls I work with was at my house last night. I was making enchiladas, so naturally I also had to make guacamole. Well, I am cutting the avocado with a very sharp knife when the knife slips. It sliced two of fingers...one was ok, the other was a huge bloody mess. I am hysterical so I call Ben who is on his way home from work. He arrives to see my finger is still attached (from the phone call he probably thought I chopped my whole arm off) but bleeding a ridiculous amount. (Mary took the next picture...this was 5 hours after "the slice" happened. STILL bleeding)

So apparently I'm not a good clotter. Ben bandaged me up so I wouldn't get blood all over the house, the girls came over and ate, and at 9:30 I took my bandage off. Yep, you guessed it, still bleeding. Soooo, I got to spend a couple of hours in the ER last night!
Let me just say that I do not suggest that anyone ever get a shot in their finger. OUCH. I hate needles to begin with...but seriously, that was the worst part. My finger is actually still completely numb. Anywho, the nice ER lady sewed me up (ick) while Ben watched excitedly (even more ick) and I felt quite queasy.

VOILA! Here is my now useless left index finger. I am never slicing an avocado again. Ever.


Kristy said...

Nice pictures and awesome stitching...I still don't see how they stitch/see through the blood. So glad you blogged about it so we could see the rest!

Anonymous said...

omg!!! this is horrible! I hope it has healed!!