Menu Monday & a Cheney update

I'm back with a menu! We have a shorter week because the kids & I are heading to Georgia on Saturday for spring break!
Monday: Chicken Tostadas
Wednesday: Sweet & Sour chicken & fried rice
Thursday: Grilled chicken, roasted red potatoes, & honey glazed carrots
aldi review pancakes
Friday: Pancakes & bacon -- this is my favorite pancake mix I have found! (Besides TJ's pumpkin mix!) These pancakes are so fluffy! It is definitely one of my favorite Aldi staples!
We had our Vanderbilt appointment for Cheney last Tuesday.  We really liked the doctor that we saw and were with her for about an hour. We discussed the 5 weeks of sickness and all the various things that have been going on with our girl. I was afraid we would be brushed off since she had been healthy for a couple weeks, but we weren't! We are having to track her temperature/symptoms daily & go back in a month. They also did another blood draw:( So far, nothing has shown up in her labs.
I know that it really is a good thing, but I'm still puzzled. I am praying she will be 100% back to her spunky self soon & that this was all just a string of bad luck! Cheney is such a tough girl. She was so brave at her appointment!

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