my baby is FIVE!

FIVE. A whole hand. I can hardly believe it!
I always get nostalgic when birthdays are approaching & look at baby pictures. I was looking at pictures of Grayson earlier this week and it is just so hard to remember him being SO LITTLE. 5 years seems to have flown by but at the same time it feels like forever ago!

Grayson has looked forward to this birthday for a LONG time. We have been talking about turning 5 for many months. 5 just seems old, doesn't it?!

Well, G, it is finally here. The day you turn 5. My first moments with you in the hospital were quite a blur (thanks Ambien) but I remember just staring at you all the time during our first few days at home. I was in such awe of you. You were perfect & you were my dream come true. The baby boy I had always wanted!

At this moment in your life, you LOVE baseball. You're really good at it. You are a natural born athlete & it is so fun watching you play! You also love playing soccer in our backyard, football with daddy, & basketball in the bonus room. Let's be honest....at age 5, you just love all things sports related! You also love superheroes, power rangers, & anything rough & tumble boy related.  You are super opinionated about your clothing & dress like a tiny teenager. All things neon, Nike, & Under Armour are your favorite. You are definitely confident in your style!

You are also the hardest little worker I have ever seen! Your Friday night routine is helping your daddy in the yard. You help him mow, weed eat, & rake up all the grass. You are a great helper & you love it! You also love to help with your brother & sister. You've been a HUGE help now that I am teaching! Cheney on the loose at school could be a nightmare, but you help me in the mornings and afternoons keeping her out of trouble!

Grayson, you are such a huge blessing to your daddy and I. You are tender-hearted, kind, funny, and inquisitive. You ask no less than 5,000 questions a day! You have a heart of gold and we adore you!!
Happy FIFTH birthday to our biggest boy!!