my little man...

...is SIX years old today!! What in the world?! How can my teensy baby be that old??
One look at baby Jack pictures and I am reminded of why I had to have him the second that i saw him.
Proud (brunette) mama and little boy!
oh Jack, those early college years were crazy.
...but somehow we survived!
He is so gangsta with his do-rag on!
This boy will find a comfy sleep spot anywhere. Makes me a tad jealous.

My sweet Jack as a handsome 6 year old. He will always be my first baby...I give him all the credit for teaching me how to love/care/keep alive another living thing when I was just a sophomore in college! Now, we are off to Petsmart to pick out a birthday toy & then go play with his girlfriend, Millie!!


Jen Watts said...

too cute...Elvis turns 7 Thursday!! Our fur babies and babies will both have similiar birthdays :)

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday little man!!!