25 more things...

...because I know you all are dying to know these fun facts about me!

1. I have a chalk phobia. I absolutely hate it. Always have, always will. It stresses me out to do sidewalk at school.
2. The first breath I ever took in this world was so strong that it popped one of my lungs. Oops.
3. I've been on mission trips to Poland, Chicago, D.C, Mexico, and Peru.
4. I have a heart for kids that don't have a good life. If I could have scooped up all the 1st graders I student taught last and taken them with me, I would have. I miss them so much.
5. I have been banned by my husband from ever watching Animal Cops again. I used to watch it all the time and just cry hysterically.
6. I pass 3 bison on my way to work everyday. I love watching them.
7. A couple of 6 year olds from Batesville, MS taught me the Soulja Boy dance. :)
8. I have kept a list of baby names for as long as I remember.
9. I nearly killed Jack when he was about 11 weeks old by dropping a baby gate on him and crushing him. I was hysterical...I may or may not have started to dial 911....
10. At one point in college, my camry had the outside AND inside driver's handle ripped off. Pretty hard to get in a car with no handles.
11. I have really messed up hips/knees. Everytime I take a step my hip makes a loud pop. It has been known to creep people out.
12. When I am going up/down stairs in the dark, I always feel like someone is right behind me. Scary.
13. Right before I bought Jack, I was contemplating getting a pet chinchilla.
14. Least favorite part of getting married...unwrapping so many presents that had thousands of styrofoam peanuts in them! Those things were clinging to anything and everything in the house & it always drove me nuts.
15. I always, always, ALWAYS wanted a little brother or sister. I am still jealous of people who are super close with their siblings.
16. I hate confrontation.
17. I also hate petty drama. Drama is for the birds...
18. I am a white girl who has a serious love for true gangsta rap. I really love me some Ludacris!!
19. I still have my dog Maggie's ashes in a tin box at my house. That's normal, right?...
20. I name all of Huddy and Jack's stuffed toys. For instance we have Mert the pink pig, Doodle Dog the chihuahua toy, Earl the squirrel, and Geoffrey the giraffe.
21. One of my favorite parts of our Jamaican honeymoon was becoming friends with all the bartenders.
22. A couple of years ago I got poison ivy SO bad that it literally covered my whole entire body. I got 2 shots, lots of antibiotics, and it still took 3 weeks to go away. Miserable.
23. My Papa told me that the tooth fairy lived in this beautiful victorian home next door to his house when I was little. I definitely believed this for a very long time.
24. It weirds me out that kids I used to babysit are starting to go to college.
25. I went on a family vacation to St. Martin in elementary school. We were there in the beginning stages of a hurricane. Hurricane waves=amazing.

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Kristy said...

I have a baby name book, I have the letters I burried in a time capsule in 1996 and I Steven read them. (I made a list of the top 10 everything in my life) I haven't change, it was really a new perspective on myself! I should bring them to school. :o) I heart reading this top 25. Maybe you should write a top 250. It's early in the morning and I'm very bored.